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Upgraded writefreely - Quick Note

I upgraded writefreely (the software that powers this blog) to get a fix making my #100DaysToOffload tags now clickable (they were previously not). So I'll stop adding the HundredDaysToOffload tag which was there as a temporary workaround.

If you use it to track my posts, please move to #100DaysToOffload.

Keywords/tags: #quicknote #upgrade


YouTube on Apple TV

Today's post will mostly be me ranting about the YouTube app on Apple TV.


Synology NAS: Stream & Backup

This is the third issue of my #100DaysToOffload

My Synology NAS (DS 216play) has two 2 TB hard drives and serves two main purposes in my setup:


My Setup at Home

This post will serve as an introduction to others that will follow. I will try to remember to update this publication to add a reference to the new ones but I can't promise I won't forget. Meanwhile, feel free to use the tags at the end to scroll through related articles.

Let's begin #100DaysToOffload publication no. 2, shall we?


I'm starting a blog

I came up across two posts recently that got me thinking:

That was it, I needed a place to write my thoughts too.

So here it is! This blog will be my little space of the internet where I can share what I feel I want to. These posts are meant to stay, unlike my other social media accounts where I tend to automatically delete everything older than 30 days.