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Comments got upgraded

TL;DR: You'll now get an email notification shortly after I've moderated your comment to let you know whether it was approved or rejected.

Again, it was a fun feature to build! You can check the source code on sourcehut.

I created a custom Django management command that can be run from the command line that fetches moderated comments from the DB and sends a summary by mail to the people who entered their email address. This command is run every 10 minutes by the cron program.

That way, even if I don't moderate all comments at once, you should only get one summary email for your comments. Not one email per comment.

#100DaysToOffload No. 19


Comments are here!

I just added comments to the blog! I'm keeping for myself the right to remove any offending, off-topic or spammy comment.

There's a moderation step, but your feedback is more than welcome ! 😊 I'm just doing this to protect myself against spam, off-topic or offensive content.

I set up some notifications when there are comments pending review so it shouldn't take too long for your reaction to appear here!

#100DaysToOffload No. 18


Blog platform update - Quick note

I just moved from Writefreely to a custom made blog engine.

#100DaysToOffload No. 17


Designing and 3D Printing a Wall Mount for my ISP Modem

I recently moved to a new apartment and now I have a little closet which contains the electrical board. It's also where the optical fiber comes in and so it's where I put my ISP-provided modem.

For a few weeks, it sat on the floor in this closet since I didn't have any room for it anywhere else. I wasn't satisfied, so I decided to design some small pieces to create a wall mount for the beast.

Freebox Delta S Server

#100DaysToOffload No. 16



For a few weeks now I've been hosting my new projects at sourcehut instead of my usual GitHub account. So far, the experience has been very pleasant but it also has some drawbacks. Let's talk about it!

#100DaysToOffload No. 15


Blog Statistics, Part 2

In a recent post, I talked about how I tracked my posts views over time using Grafana and InfluxDB.

Today, I went another way and configured GoAccess to provide me with an HTML report with data extracted from my webserver's logs.

GoAccess Screenshot

#100DaysToOffload No. 14


I Needed a Budget, With Four Rules

In January 2020, I discovered a budget app called You Need A Budget (YNAB). I've been using it since then and I'm very happy with it, here's why.


#100DaysToOffload No. 13


Chat Sceptique (French YouTube Channel)

Today's very quick post is a recommendation to a french YouTube channel. It's called Chat Sceptique and features a statistician popularizing many different topics related to statistics.

The same person was behind another channel which is not active anymore due to conflicts between the team members: La statistique expliquée à mon chat.

If you understand french, I highly recommend taking a look at both channels and subscribing if you like it!

#100DaysToOffload No. 12

Keywords/tags: #youtube #statistics #recommendations


Adding Time to my Blog's Statistics

Two Grafana graphs: one to view the raw view counts evolving, the other to display the difference between two data points

Recently I added some statistics to my blog. I wanted to do that with minimum effort and without serving any crappy proprietary JavaScript to my users.

#100DaysToOffload No. 11


Bitwarden and Password Managers

TL;DR: I use a password manager and you should too. Bitwarden is a Free Software alternative.

Bitwarden Logo

This is my 10th post of #100DaysToOffload.


Pi Hole

As I was telling you before, I own a Raspberry Pi on which I set up a Pi Hole.

Pi Hole logo

As they advertise it, Pi Hole is "a black hole for internet advertisement". It's basically an ad blocker for your whole network.


Cleantoots - Clean Your Toot History

Since I consider my messages on social media to be valid at the moment they're posted, I like to have them deleted after some time. When I still used Twitter, I also used a CLI tool called cleantweets that helped with this.

A few months ago, after having created an account on Fosstodon, I wrote a simple command line utility to help you achieve the same thing but with toots: cleantoots (notice how much effort I put into naming it).


CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020 - Pacman

I participated in the latest CodinGame challenge and quickly got out of the beginner's league. In this article, I'll explain my approach.

#100DaysToOffload No. 7

Cover picture for CodinGame Spring Challenge 2020. There is one yellow Pacman and one blue Pacman fighting against each other


Using Your YubiKey With SSH and Achieving Multifactor Authentication

In my introductory article, I teased about using SSH with a YubiKey. Here's the post that expands on the idea.

YubiKeys As you can see, I like YubiKeys.

This is part of my #100DaysToOffload series, issue No. 6.


Raspberry Pi

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ about a year ago. I had to check the order date because I was pretty sure I had it for longer but I only got it at the end of March 2019.

Now feels a good time to talk about my experience with the little guy. This will be my #100DaysToOffload fifth post.

Illustration of a Raspberry Pi 3 model B