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Blog platform update - Quick note

Published on · 1 min read

I just moved from Writefreely to a custom made blog engine.

#100DaysToOffload No. 17

Writefreely is great but I wanted more control over every bit of the template and style and I couldn't easily achieve what I wanted.

The code powering this website is available at Gitea and is free software. Feel free to use it for your own needs as long as you stick with the license.

During the migration, I lost the feature that pushed every article on Mastodon. If you followed the blog using this mechanism, I encourage you to switch to the RSS feed.

If you subscribed with the RSS feed, your reader might redownload all the previous articles, if that's the case I'm really sorry but I don't know how to prevent it. If you happen to know, please reach out to me!

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