Pi Hole

As I was telling you before, I own a Raspberry Pi on which I set up a Pi Hole.

Pi Hole logo

As they advertise it, Pi Hole is “a black hole for internet advertisement”. It's basically an ad blocker for your whole network.

Again, I won't go into details of how to setup your own Pi Hole, there are plenty of good resources for that, starting with Pi Hole's own website. Just remember to setup your DHCP server to advertise your Pi Hole IP as the preferred DNS resolver, so that every device connected to your network can automatically benefit from it.

I won't also explain how Pi Hole blocks your ads but if you'd like me to, please let me know.

Today's quick post is about how great Pi Hole is, in a few bullet points:

That's about it for today! I encourage you to setup a Pi Hole on one of your computers and try it, it's quite nice! They rely on donations to help them sustain the development so if you enjoy it, consider donating.

I wrote this as part of 100DaysToOffload, this is the 9th post.

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