My Setup at Home

This post will serve as an introduction to others that will follow. I will try to remember to update this publication to add a reference to the new ones but I can't promise I won't forget. Meanwhile, feel free to use the tags at the end to scroll through related articles.

Let's begin #100DaysToOffload publication no. 2, shall we?

What computer-like devices do I use and what do I do with them?

Let's try not to forget anything:

At this point, you should have a global view of the devices I own and use daily. This will be a valuable reference for later posts when I talk about how these devices and services integrate. I'll especially focus on items marked with an asterisk (*).

This post feels slightly hollow but I consider it's necessary to properly introduce the next ones and give a bit of context. Hopefully, the following articles will be denser.

The next story will probably be about my Synology NAS and what I use it for.

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