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I'm starting a blog

Published on · 2 min read

I came up across two posts recently that got me thinking:

That was it, I needed a place to write my thoughts too.

So here it is! This blog will be my little space of the internet where I can share what I feel I want to. These posts are meant to stay, unlike my other social media accounts where I tend to automatically delete everything older than 30 days.


I'll mostly write about tech stuff, my personal side projects (I'm a developer) but I won't shut the door to any other subjects like music, art, books, or anything else.

I'm making no promise regarding the length or the frequency of the posts, though I'll try to stick to the #100DaysToOffload for the moment. So you can expect more publications in the coming days.

Technical details

I chose to use WriteFreely which is what powers It seemed to fit my need for simplicity: a pre-built binary and some static files and you're good to go.

At first I considered writing on directly but I would have had to pay for the premium version to use a custom domain and I'm not afraid of a little system administration. A cheap instance at Scaleway is, well, cheaper than the monthly fee for Bonus point: I can do other things with this server.

Next topics

I already have a list of topics I'd like to share:

Where to reach me

Up-to-date info should appear on the About me page on this site.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

This concludes my first post of #100DaysToOffload.

Keywords/tags: #introduction #tech #mastodon #100DaysToOffload #HundredDaysToOffload

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