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Upgrade PostgreSQL in Docker

Upgrading postgresql can’t be done in-place, so here’s a scripted version to help you do so.

2023-08-17 · 2 min · 382 words

My Setup at Home (12/2021 update)

Here’s the tech I use at home and what for.

2021-12-28 · 2 min · 315 words

Replacing my Synology NAS with a self-built server

👴 Old post I don’t use TrueNAS anymore but I still have this machine and I even upgraded the RAM to a more comfortable 56GB. A few weeks ago, I replaced my trusty Synology DS216play with a more powerful station that I built myself. I hadn’t built a computer in a long time and it was a lot of fun! ...

2020-11-11 · 5 min · 977 words

Migration complete

I just moved this blog to my self-hosted server at home. Hopefully nothing is broken but if you see something strange or missing, please contact me! 😃 I also hope we won’t experience any major outages like power (both the server and the router are on UPS) or network. 🤔 I still have a few things to move before decommissioning my VPS but I’d say the hard work is done 👌

2020-11-11 · 1 min · 71 words

Blog platform update - Quick note

I just moved from Writefreely to a custom made blog engine. Writefreely is great but I wanted more control over every bit of the template and style and I couldn’t easily achieve what I wanted. ...

2020-08-17 · 1 min · 138 words

Blog Statistics, Part 2

In a recent post, I talked about how I tracked my posts views over time using Grafana and InfluxDB. Today, I went another way and configured GoAccess to provide me with an HTML report with data extracted from my webserver’s logs. Update 2020-01-03 I now use my own blog platform with Goatcounter. #100DaysToOffload No. 14 ...

2020-06-26 · 2 min · 325 words

Adding Time to my Blog's Statistics

Recently I added some statistics to my blog. I wanted to do that with minimum effort and without serving any crappy proprietary JavaScript to my users. Update 2020-01-03 I now use my own blog platform with Plausible Analytics. #100DaysToOffload No. 11 ...

2020-06-15 · 6 min · 1245 words

Pi Hole

👴 Old post I don’t use Pi Hole anymore but this post should still be relevant. I’ve switched to AdGuard. There is an easy to install Home Assistant addon available and it allows me to easily configure local-only DNS entries. As I was telling you before, I own a Raspberry Pi on which I set up a Pi Hole. As they advertise it, Pi Hole is “a black hole for internet advertisement”. It’s basically an ad blocker for your whole network. ...

2020-05-28 · 2 min · 372 words

Raspberry Pi

👴 Old post This post has grown old and I now don’t use my Raspberry Pi like this anymore. I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ about a year ago. I had to check the order date because I was pretty sure I had it for longer but I only got it at the end of March 2019. Now feels a good time to talk about my experience with the little guy. This will be my #100DaysToOffload fifth post. ...

2020-05-16 · 5 min · 1061 words

Synology NAS: Stream & Backup

This is the third issue of my #100DaysToOffload My Synology NAS (DS 216play) has two 2 TB hard drives and serves two main purposes in my setup: Store media files (mainly movies and TV shows) & stream them Hold some backups ...

2020-05-14 · 5 min · 964 words