pip-tools for Python dependencies management

Here’s how and why I use pip-tools for my side-projects.

2023-03-02 · 5 min · 977 words

Setup rtx with direnv for Python

Improve startup time and simplify your PATH

2023-02-28 · 3 min · 485 words

Reduce your page load time with htmx in less than an hour

HTMX is a wonderful piece of technology for backend developers who don’t want to write frontend code but still provide nice UX.

2022-09-26 · 3 min · 629 words

Optimize large Django migrations

Sometimes more is less.

2022-03-31 · 3 min · 489 words

Lighten your Python image with Docker multi-stage builds

In previous posts we talked about poetry and Docker images layers and I promised I would write about Docker multi-stage builds, so here we go! Note I will explain the basics of Docker multi-stage builds required to understand the post, but I won’t repeat the documentation (see further reading). ⚙️ Multi-stage builds Basically a multi-stage build allows you to sequentially use multiple images in one Dockerfile and pass data between them....

2021-01-02 · 6 min · 1135 words

Poetry for Python dependencies management

At ITSF, teams using the same languages/frameworks regularly meet to share experience and decide on common guidelines. With the Python teams, we recently decided to change our dependencies management system to something more robust because we were not satisfied with pip alone. ✅ Requirements Here’s a list of the features we expected from our new tool: It must manage transitive dependencies1 for us. Developers should only have to specify the direct dependencies of their projects....

2020-12-30 · 6 min · 1119 words

How to use pipx with pyenv

👨🏻‍💻 TL;DR In my case with fish I added this line to my config.fish: set -gx PIPX_DEFAULT_PYTHON "$HOME/.pyenv/versions/3.8.5/bin/python" It’s roughly the bash equivalent for export PIPX_DEFAULT_PYTHON="$HOME/.pyenv/versions/3.8.5/bin/python" 📖 Backstory As a Python developer, my workflow often involves running multiple versions of Python on different projects. To help me in this task, I use pyenv which is a wonderful tool to easily install and manage multiple Python versions on your system. I also have a Python version installed via Homebrew for some formulae that require it....

2020-12-30 · 2 min · 252 words