Optimize large Django migrations

Sometimes more is less.

2022-03-31 · 3 min · 489 words

Chowning files can take a lot of space in a Docker image

Today I learned that recursively changing the owner of a directory tree in a Dockerfile can result in some serious increase in image size. 🚛 The issue You may remember how in a previous post we used a small example to discuss layers and final image size. Well, here’s our example again, slightly modified. # Dockerfile FROM ubuntu WORKDIR /app RUN fallocate -l 100M example RUN chown 33:33 example Given that the base image weighs ~75MB, we could expect the final image to weigh ~175MB (~75 from the base image + ~100 from the big file we generated)....

2021-03-02 · 4 min · 643 words

Poetry for Python dependencies management

At ITSF, teams using the same languages/frameworks regularly meet to share experience and decide on common guidelines. With the Python teams, we recently decided to change our dependencies management system to something more robust because we were not satisfied with pip alone. ✅ Requirements Here’s a list of the features we expected from our new tool: It must manage transitive dependencies1 for us. Developers should only have to specify the direct dependencies of their projects....

2020-12-30 · 6 min · 1119 words