Migration complete

I just moved this blog to my self-hosted server at home. Hopefully nothing is broken but if you see something strange or missing, please contact me! 馃槂 I also hope we won鈥檛 experience any major outages like power (both the server and the router are on UPS) or network. 馃 I still have a few things to move before decommissioning my VPS but I鈥檇 say the hard work is done 馃憣

2020-11-11 路 1 min 路 71 words

Blog platform update - Quick note

I just moved from Writefreely to a custom made blog engine. Writefreely is great but I wanted more control over every bit of the template and style and I couldn鈥檛 easily achieve what I wanted. ...

2020-08-17 路 1 min 路 138 words

Blog Statistics, Part 2

In a recent post, I talked about how I tracked my posts views over time using Grafana and InfluxDB. Today, I went another way and configured GoAccess to provide me with an HTML report with data extracted from my webserver鈥檚 logs. Update 2020-01-03 I now use my own blog platform with Goatcounter. #100DaysToOffload No. 14 ...

2020-06-26 路 2 min 路 325 words

Adding Time to my Blog's Statistics

Recently I added some statistics to my blog. I wanted to do that with minimum effort and without serving any crappy proprietary JavaScript to my users. Update 2020-01-03 I now use my own blog platform with Plausible Analytics. #100DaysToOffload No. 11 ...

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About me

I鈥檓 Gabriel, a Go and Python software developer at OVHcloud (Lyon, France) and FOSS enthusiast. My resume is available as a pdf (in French) if you want to take a look. Analytics This website uses GoatCounter, a privacy respecting analytics tool. They are publicly available.

I'm starting a blog

I came up across two posts recently that got me thinking: Kev Quirk鈥檚 100 Days To Offload Drew Devault鈥檚 You should make a blog! That was it, I needed a place to write my thoughts too. So here it is! This blog will be my little space of the internet where I can share what I feel I want to. These posts are meant to stay, unlike my other social media accounts where I tend to automatically delete everything older than 30 days. ...

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